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How to make an ethical investment in Rootstock

To invest in Rootstock simply download, print off and fill in a Share Application Form, indicating the rate of interest you wish to receive, and send it with a cheque payable to "Rootstock Ltd". You will then be sent a share certificate. If you are investing over £10,000 then you will need to send some other form of ID as described on our Anti-money laundering regulations page.


Shares in Rootstock Ltd are "withdrawable shares" and can normally be withdrawn subject to a maximum of thirteen weeks' notice. We aim to pay withdrawals within four weeks for sums of sums less than £20,000. When shares are withdrawn, they are repaid at their nominal value of £1 per share, together with any accrued interest that has not yet been credited by the allotment of additional shares. Exceptionally, the right to withdraw shares may be suspended from time to time by the committee.

We have used our years of experience in Radical Routes to plan Rootstock so as to minimise risks, but we cannot eliminate them entirely. Investment in Rootstock Limited should be seen as a means of furthering the aims of Rootstock and not primarily as a source of financial gain. At the time of writing, Rootstock is not a member of any investor compensation scheme. If you are in doubt about investing in Rootstock, you should consult an Independent Financial Adviser with specialist knowledge of social investments.

This document is not an investment advertisement within the meaning of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 or a prospectus within the meaning of the Prospectus Regulations 2005.


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